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Jun 22


13. Vlad/Yi for vespoid (I call this PUNSHIPPING!! :D)
14. Lee Sin/Sona for make-outwalrus
15. Vi/Caitlyn for amnestie
16. Jayce/Lux for virgin-snows
17. Ahri/LeBlanc for davynsaaaur
18. Vlad/Sona for asksummonerrose

I AM SO SORRY FOR TAKING SO LONG TO FINISH THIS!!! And the next set is probably going to take me even longer. I started working, so my time to draw has been cut down drastically. Sorry sorry sorry!!!! I thank you all for being so patient waiting for my slow ass to finish these. =’)

So yeah…this is the last Crippleshipping (Lee Sin/Sona), haha…and I chose their most annoyingly detailed skins to draw OTL Not much else to say about this set, so I guess I’ll just say another big thank you to all my followers. Please stick with me and I promise I’ll get the rest finished soon…at least within the month. ಠ_ಠ

Jun 5


7. Leona/Shyvana for phantomsolari
8. Ezreal/Janna for katiekatisbestkitty
9. Gangplank/Miss Fortune for oozeling1
10. Riven/Lux for boringmysteries
11. Talon/Lux for lux-theladyofluminosity
12. Lee Sin/Sona for askporoporo

Part 2 is here! My bf and I adopted a cat (her name is Sasha and she is the best), and tonight we’re gonna make cupcakes. Life is good :D

This is the second set to have Lee Sin/Sona and it won’t be the last. Seems to be a popular pairing, but in retrospect it’s a pretty obvious one, haha. Also I feel like this set is more moe than the previous one, for some reason…I think I gave everyone giant eyes and I’m not sure why…oh well. ಠ_ಠ

Thanks everyone for being so patient while I get these done. I love and appreciate all of you! ^_^

May 29


1. Morgana/Varus for dandere-noxian
2. Vi/Caitlyn for subtractlight
3. Jarvan IV/Xin Zhao for zhao-xin
4. Kassadin/Talon for pink-koala
5. Kassadin/Malzahar for runeslayer
6. Lee Sin/Sona for katiegodisbestgod

Here’s the first set of request fills! I decided to fill a little more than 20 because I felt like it. I’ve been drawing these instead of fulfilling my obligations so I’ll probably be slower updating the next sets since there’s a bunch of real life stuff I need to get out of the way first. Regardless, I hope to be finished before I start working!

This is going to be the most yaoi set and therefore my favorite huhuhu. I had a lot of fun drawing these. Hopefully my maskless Kassadin doesn’t look too much like a derp. Anyway, thanks to all of you, and I’ll try to finish the rest of the requests ASAP!

May 25

Requests now closed!

Thanks so much everyone!! :D I love you all!

If you requested multiple pairings, I’m only going to draw the first one you listed, so if you would like me to draw a different one please let me know! <3

May 24


As a thank you to my awesome followers, I’m taking requests! Specifically, requests for League of Legends pairings. Just leave a request for your favorite pairing in my askbox or comment on this post and I will draw it! :D

For my sanity, I will be stopping after the first 20 requests. hope no one minds! >o<

It goes without saying but you must be following me in order to leave a request. This is a way to say thanks to my followers, after all. :)

And you can request any pairing you like, even one that I’ve already drawn. The ones in this post are just my LoL OTPs in no particular order (surprisingly, only 4 out of 7 are gay!), but I’ll draw anything! 

…aaaand I totally just bought TPA Shen. First skin purchase ever! What is my life.

EDIT: Requests now closed! Thank you very much everyone! ^_^ And if you requested multiple pairings, I’m only going to draw the first one you requested, so if you would like me to draw a different one please let me know!

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