Ouroboros - Chapter 1 Page 05

ouroboros update chapter 1 page 05

Chapter 1 Page 05

It didn’t occur to me til now to post updates for Ouroboros here…but now that it has I will do so, starting with this page! The page numbering is a little wonky because I counted 2-page spreads (ie the cover) as 2 pages when I saved them and it was easier to just keep it this way <_<. Anyway, take a look if you’d like, & tell me what you think!

u guuuuys

this is just a post to say THANK YOU to all of you who liked/commented/reblogged my latest posts & stuck around. a year is like an eternity in tumblr time so i wasn’t expecting any response at all. i can’t even begin to say how much i appreciate the warm welcome back. i want to thank each of you personally but i feel like that might be a little creepy so i’m just gonna leave this post here haha. 

you guys rock, and i hope the silly little things i’ll draw here will be enough to make your following me worth it~

I mentioned a webcomic last post and this is it. And yes, it&#8217;s called Ouroboros. i know there&#8217;s already a mango called that but I couldn&#8217;t think of a better title OTL
If you want to take a look, it&#8217;d make me very happy! I will try my hardest not to disappoint~

I mentioned a webcomic last post and this is it. And yes, it’s called Ouroboros. i know there’s already a mango called that but I couldn’t think of a better title OTL

If you want to take a look, it’d make me very happy! I will try my hardest not to disappoint~

explanation time

It’s been over a year…but I’m back, kind of? Not really? Or at least in a different form. 

I’ll start by saying I’ve pretty much entirely lost interest in League of Legends. I haven’t played since…..the Aatrox patch??? hahaha omg. (This was around the same time my baby brother got into LoL, but I’m sure that’s a silly coincidence!) I’m not saying that I will never ever draw LoL fanart again, but it will be much much much less frequent and honestly not something that you should be expecting to see. (and yes, this means I’m not going to finish the pairing requests. it was just free requests so I don’t think it’s a terrible sin? I do apologize tho -_-)

OKAY SO NOW THAT YOU HAVE ALL LEFT, I will tell my extremely boring life story. The short version is that I got some bad news last summer that resulted in a whole lot of soul searching, which is what I’ve spent the past year doing. The long version involves protracted self-doubting whining and a bunch of those self-esteem issues that lots of artists have, which I won’t bore you with. The “end result” in either case is that I’ve decided to do what I’ve always wanted to do, and what I never thought I could…which is to take my art more seriously. To face all those hangups and insecurities and doubts and to try, and make my best effort to see where this so-called hobby can take me.

To that end I will be reviving this blog (altho, as I’ve mentioned, with far less League of Legends) and starting a webcomic. Creating a webcomic is something I’ve been “trying”, with zero success, to do since high school, but this time I actually have something that I’m ready to share with the world. It’s gonna be about gangsters and swords and magic battles, and BL because of course. So if that sounds like something you might be interested in, I’ll be making a post with some more info very soon..so check it out, I guess?

Thanks to anyone who read this goddamn wall of text, and to anyone who decides to keep on supporting me/bothering to look at my stuff. I would be truly humbled and appreciative to know that even a single person cares about my silliness. :)